Having helped Republicans win for over two decades, Jeffrey Stringer has the intrinsic political knowledge and drive to be a highly effective representative of our community.
When asked what he feels is the most important part of being an elected official, he answered, "Being accessible to the community and listening to their concerns.  If I am to represent my community, there is really nothing more important." 

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How Jeffrey Stands on the Issues

The State Pension System

"Our State is facing a looming crisis with a Pension System that is tremendously underfunded. We must face this issue now and make tough choices for how to fix the problem and protect benefits for State retirees along with our current State employees."

Public Education & Protecting School Choice 

"We must continue to offer parents a choice for their child’s education. Allowing public education dollars to follow the student helps parents put their children in the best situation to succeed.  

While protecting School Choice, we must also reform the Public Education System. Teachers must have the freedom to teach and not be bogged down with administrative red tape. We also must find a feasible way to fairly compensate teachers and retain them as well."


"As the parent of a child with epilepsy, I have researched the benefits of medical cannabis. Scientific research has proven that medical cannabis is a safe and effective treatment for a number of serious medical conditions. South Carolina should have access to medical cannabis with the recommendation of their physician. I fully support the SC Compassionate Care Act, (link below) and would put my name on the bill as a sponsor if elected."


Protecting Life

"We must protect the lives of unborn children, beginning at conception. We must ensure that the lives of the defenseless are protected and defended."

The 2nd Amendment

"We must protect our 2nd Amendment rights. I believe that the 2nd Amendment is the Constitutional guarantor of the 1st Amendment and the first line defender of our individual life and property."

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